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A patient and cancer care specialist have a discussion inside the largest cancer center in Central Florida

World-Renowned Cancer Care That Centers Around You

Inside one of the largest cancer centers in Central Florida, our multidisciplinary team of oncology specialists is fighting to make cancer a thing of the past. And we’re well on our way. Through groundbreaking research, innovative treatments, and heart-to- heart, whole-person care, we’re making more medical innovations happen every single day. Your success stories are the reason our higher-than-average patient outcomes are recognized around the globe and the reason we’ve been recognized as one of the best cancer hospitals in America.

A Look Inside Our Network of Care

Where To Find Us

Across all seven Central Florida locations, our leading oncology specialists combine proven therapies and emerging innovations to achieve patient outcomes that consistently exceed the national average.

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Your wellness inspires everything we do, from our investment in streamlined care and innovative technologies, to our unwavering commitment to whole-person cancer care. We’re proud to be recognized in these areas as one of the leading cancer hospitals in Florida and in the nation.

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Ways You Can Help

Many of the services we offer our patients and their families are possible thanks to donors and volunteers like you. With your help, we can continue to serve the community and care for thousands of patients and their loved ones.

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News and Events

There’s something new to celebrate every day at the AdventHealth, formerly Florida Hospital, Cancer Institute, whether it’s a groundbreaking clinical trial, an inspiring patient story or an upcoming community event.

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Care you can count on requires the best minds in medicine. That’s why we partner with leading cancer organizations, giving you the best tools available to beat your diagnosis, once and for all.

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Annual Reports

We believe facts and figures can tell powerful stories. We’re proud to say that our numbers reveal a story of patient outcomes that surpass the national average, time and again.

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Meet Our Leaders in Cancer Care

When it comes to cancer, you want nothing less than exceptional care under compassionate leadership. Here, you’ll have just that. At AdventHealth Cancer Institute, we are led by two of the finest leaders in cancer today. Under Mark Socinski, MD, and Heather Fox, our teams work closely together to improve lives and better our beloved communities.

Understanding HPV and the Link to Cancer

HPV is a group of more than 200 related viruses, some of which are spread through vaginal, anal, oral sex and other intimate forms of skin-to-skin contact.
HPV types fall into two groups, low risk and high risk. Low-risk HPVs mostly cause no disease. However, a few low-risk HPV types can cause warts on or around the genitals, anus, mouth, or throat. These are the infections that your immune system usually controls so they don’t cause cancer. 
High-risk HPV infections that persist can cause cancer. Sometimes HPV infections are not successfully controlled by your immune system. When a high-risk HPV infection persists for many years, it can lead to cell changes that, if untreated, may get worse over time and become cancer.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year, about 44,000 new cases of cancer are found in parts of the body where HPV is often found. HPV causes about 34,800 of these cancers. Cancer often takes years, even decades, to develop after a person gets HPV. The CDC recommends HPV vaccination to protect against these cancers.

The HPV vaccine series is recommended for girls and boys at the age of 11 or 12; the series can be started at age nine. For young people who didn’t get vaccinated on time, HPV vaccination is recommended up to age 26.

Yes, the vaccine can be given to adults between the ages of 27 and 45 who didn’t receive all vaccine doses earlier. Adults in this age group benefit less from the vaccine because they are more likely to have been exposed to HPV already. But if you are concerned that you are at risk for new HPV infections, you should talk with your health care provider about whether the vaccine may be right for you.

  • Cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancers in women
  • Penile cancer in men
  • Anal cancer in both men and women
  • Oropharynx, or back of the throat, including the base of the tongue and tonsils cancer in both men and women
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Where To Find Us

As the largest cancer institute in Florida, every one of our seven dedicated Central Florida locations contributes to the strength of the AdventHealth Cancer Institute network. Ask your dedicated Nurse Navigator to help explore your options and find the right fit, so you are in the best setting to get the care you need.

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