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A patient receives a second opinion from a cancer care specialist at AdventHealth Cancer Institute

When You’re Seeking Certainty, Seek Out a Second Opinion

The more we know, the smarter — and more effectively — we can treat your type of cancer. When you’re faced with cancer, a second opinion can help you confirm your diagnosis and explore additional cancer treatment options, so you feel more confident in your care.

Choose Certainty

You didn’t choose this challenge. But you can choose the best cancer care for you and your family. When you’re ready to give it all you’ve got, a second opinion can help you begin your treatment journey more informed and more empowered. Our second-opinion experts can serve as a fresh pair of eyes, helping bring clarity and certainty to you and your family. Re-evaluating your tests and consulting with different oncology specialists can help you feel more confident and in control of your care, either by confirming your diagnosis, shedding new light, or opening the door to new treatment options.

We also encourage you to consult with experts in other disciplines, such as hematology, radiation, and surgical oncology, and explore clinical trial options, which give eligible patients access to some of the latest treatments and medications.

The more you know about your diagnosis and care options, the better you’ll feel about choosing the right path to wellness.

Top-Ranked, Whole-Person Care

As one of the top-ranked cancer programs in the nation, we’re recognized for delivering whole-person cancer treatment that’s focused on nurturing your body, mind, and spirit. We’re honored to deliver comprehensive, whole-person care by some of the country’s leading oncology specialists. Beyond helping you fight cancer with many of the latest innovations and advances, we also support you with personalized patient navigation to take some of the logistical burdens off of you and your family, so you can focus on healing.

How To Prepare for a Second Opinion

You’re ready for concrete answers, so you can receive the most effective treatment possible. The more information you can give your second-opinion physician, the better we can develop the best recommendations for your care.

Before your second-opinion visit, we recommend that you:

  • Speak with the doctor who initially diagnosed you for a referral recommendation, or call to help set an appointment with our specialists.
  • Request that medical records from your initial doctor be forwarded (if you are seeing another oncology specialist within the AdventHealth, formerly Florida Hospital, network, your records and tests will likely be accessible to them through our electronic medical record system).
  • Prepare questions about treatment options.
  • Request pertinent imaging and test results.
  • Come prepared to undergo a comprehensive evaluation from your second doctor.
  • Be open to repeating or undergoing additional diagnostic testing.
A nurse navigator helps to coordinate the care of a patient that has received a second opinion on their cancer diagnosis

Personalized Patient Navigation

You’ll always feel empowered and prepared. Day after day, our compassionate and knowledgeable Nurse Navigators will coordinate your appointments, talk you through every treatment option, and more. We’ll make sure you’re always supported.

Contact Us for a Second Opinion

New Day, New Treatment Options

Cancer care is evolving every day. With new discoveries being made at a record pace, we’re working hard to bring you new treatment options through research and technology. As one of the most active clinical trial sites in Florida, we are proudly affiliated with the National Cancer Institute, Duke Oncology Network, and various pharmaceutical companies.

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