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An immunotherapy specialists reviews a cancer patient's imaging scans on a tablet

With Immunotherapy Treatment, Healing Starts From Within

Your body is stronger than you know. And thanks to recent advancements in cancer treatment, your immune system can play a promising role in helping treat your cancer. Immunotherapy, also called biologic therapy or biotherapy, harnesses the natural power of your own immune system to keep cancer cells from growing and spreading.

Understanding Immunotherapy Treatment

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is an innovative treatment that works to help treat cancer in two primary ways:

  • Immunotherapy can stimulate your immune system to target cancer cells, helping it identify and attack cancerous cells.
  • Immunotherapy can infuse you with immune system components, such as man- made immune system proteins.
How Does Immunotherapy Work?

There are four main types of immunotherapy most commonly used for treating certain types of cancer:

  • Monoclonal antibodies are man-made versions of immune system proteins. We can design these to attack a very specific part of a cancer cell.
  • Immune checkpoint inhibitors are a combination of drugs that can help your immune system recognize and attack cancer cells.
  • Cancer vaccines can help jump-start an immune response against certain diseases.
  • Other non-specific immunotherapies boost your immune system in a general way.

Your physician and Nurse Navigator will talk you through the immunotherapy process, from choosing a specific immunotherapy treatment to managing the potential side effects. We’ll get you up to speed about all the benefits as we give you a boost, so you can rise to the occasion — as often as you need.

Trust Your Body’s Ability to Heal

Your immune system is built to protect. With immunotherapy, you can boost your natural healing powers.

Immune checkpoint inhibitors can kick your immune system into overdrive, helping it attack cancer. Monoclonal antibodies can boost natural healing with proteins to focus on specific parts of those harmful cells. Cancer vaccines can jumpstart your body’s immune response against cancer.

And you’re never on your own. Your medical team will help you choose the right treatment, anticipate, and manage any side effects — even provide guidance about what to eat (and why) to restore your whole health.

A nurse navigator smiles as she speaks with a patient who lying in bed about Florida Hospital's advanced immunotherapy program

Personalized Patient Navigation

You’re always supported. And you’ll always know what’s ahead. Your Nurse Navigator will coordinate and communicate every detail of your care, from setting up every appointment to helping you understand what to expect before, during, and after your treatments.

Meet Your Nurse Navigator

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