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A patient and a cancer care specialist hold hands and discuss AdventHealth's caregiver support options

You Care for Them. We Care for You.

Being a caregiver isn't always easy. And yet, here you are, ready to take on one of the most important roles in your loved one's journey. And while you’re supporting their journey, we’re here to support yours, with dedicated support groups, informative educational programs, and expert Nurse Navigators. So you have the help you need to help the ones you love.

You Are More Important Than You Know

Decision maker. Problem solver. Emotional lifeline. As the person who’s supporting your loved one in their greatest time of need, you provide our team with a personal look at the best way to support them. You’re the shoulder to lean on. The guiding light. You take care of the day-to-day responsibilities, so that they can focus their energy on the road ahead — and you do it all with positivity and love.

Here’s what you might expect as a caregiver:

  • Scheduling doctor's appointments and coordinating or providing transportation
  • Acting as the point of contact for other loved ones looking for updates or information
  • Managing finances
  • Monitoring meal preparation and grocery shopping to help make sure they follow the nutritional counseling our team provides
  • Making sure patients follow strict-medication schedules
  • Advocating for your loved one by communicating with our medical team and your insurance company


We Support You, So You Can Support Them

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I Can Cope Program

When your loved one receives a life-changing cancer diagnosis, you can find yourself in a confusing new world of undefined terms, mysterious procedures, and complex emotions and questions. Our I Can Cope Program is built to help you answer anything and everything, no matter how small. This series of free and flexible classes teaches you what to expect and how to prepare, so you can feel confident about the next steps. Whatever comes your way, we’re here to help you navigate the cancer treatment journey with patience, expertise, and compassion.

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Patient and Caregiver Support Group

Being a full-time caregiver is a responsibility few people understand. We know that some days, it’s easy to feel alone, even when you’re surrounded by people you love. That’s why we created our Patient and Caregiver Support Group to provide both patients and caregivers the opportunity to bond by sharing their stories. Because you want answers, advice, and support ‒ not the kind you get from a pamphlet. The kind you get from people who truly know what you’re going through because they’ve lived it. This one-of-a- kind cancer support group provides your family with support when you need it most. It’s where the people looking you in the eye genuinely understand the unique challenges you face.

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Individual and Family Counseling

Staying strong doesn’t mean you have to take on all the responsibility. An outside perspective can be the difference between a wounded spirit and a positive state of mind. And a listening ear or helping hand can be the boost you need to keep pushing when your energy is running low. Our licensed clinical social workers specialize in oncology and give you one-on-one assistance, so you stay positive even during the toughest moments. Because with the right frame of mind, and the right person by your side, anything is possible.

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A Network of Knowledge and Care

You’re ready to give it your all. To know your loved one’s options and choose the right team of cancer specialists. Across all seven Central Florida locations, our leading oncology specialists combine both proven therapies and emerging innovations to achieve patient outcomes that consistently exceed the national average. Your family’s dedicated Nurse Navigator is the first step toward finding the right oncology specialist.

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Personalized Patient Navigation

You and your family are always supported. And you’ll always know what’s next. Your Nurse Navigator will coordinate and communicate every detail of your loved one’s care, from setting up every appointment to helping you understand what to expect before, during, and after your treatments.

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Online Cancer Library

We've seen first-hand that patient education is key to feeling confident and empowered throughout your treatment journey. That’s why we’ve created an extensive education resource to help you better understand your specific tumor type. The more you and your support system know about your condition and how to care for yourself before, during and after your cancer treatment, the more likely you are to follow your team’s medical recommendations throughout the process.

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