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A surgical oncologist in full operating gear performs an innovative new cancer treatment procedure

Healing Treatment. World-Changing Clinical Trials.

We know the toll that testing, treatment, and waiting can take on your body, mind, and spirit. That’s why we’re doing everything in our power to help you spend less time in the hospital and more time with the people you love by offering the latest innovations in chemotherapy, radiation, medical imaging, surgery, and more.

Treatment and Clinical Trials Overview


Aggressive treatments. Convenient locations. We’ll help you treat your cancer with leading chemotherapies, all while soothing your spirit and easing your mind.

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Clinical Trials

Breakthroughs in cancer care are happening every day. With more than 175 clinical trials each year, we’re giving more cancer patients hope for a healthy future.

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Get a Second Opinion

It’s important to be sure. Our team can take a second look at your tests and background, so you can feel confident in your diagnosis and treatment team.

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Clearer pictures. Better diagnoses. Faster treatment. Our medical imaging team works to detect cancer with precise and innovative screening technology like MRIs, CT Scans, and more.

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Using innovative immunotherapies for certain types of cancer, we can boost your immune system, giving your body the extra strength it needs to respond to, recognize, attack, and destroy cancer in its tracks.

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Radiation Therapy

Trust in innovation. Our facilities offer some of the best in non-invasive radiation therapies in Central Florida.

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Your surgical oncology team will talk you through every step of your procedure, explaining the use of the best technology and the most compassionate care.

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Innovation That Instills Hope

More Success Stories

Your goal is wellness, long after your cancer journey. We’re here to help you get there. We strive for excellence in care, and our patients’ successes help tell our story. Year after year, we consistently exceed national averages, with five-year cancer survival rates higher than those in many locations nationwide, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Time-Saving, Life-Saving Technology

Across our top-ranked cancer institute, we’re working to cure every type of cancer with every innovative tool at our disposal. You can be confident that throughout your treatment journey, no matter what kind of cancer you have, your oncology team will create a step-by-step plan of action that incorporates the best and most advanced in cancer-fighting technology available, from the latest in 3D technology and groundbreaking Gamma Knife radiosurgery, to intraoperative radiation therapy, and other minimally-invasive procedures.

More Clinical Trials. More Options.

With more than 175 clinical trials each year to test new drugs and innovations, we offer you options — and hope — outside conventional therapies. We have been recognized by the American Society of Clinical Oncology for our use of clinical trials and work to help discover breakthrough treatments every chance we get.

A Florida Hospital Nurse Navigator will coordinates appointments, treatment options, and more with a cancer patient

Personalized Patient Navigation

You’ll always feel empowered and prepared. Day after day, our compassionate and knowledgeable Nurse Navigators will coordinate your appointments, talk you through every treatment option, and more. We’ll make sure you’re always supported.

Meet Your Nurse Navigator